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Boxing Your Way to Fitness

Highly recommended to Corporate Warriors!

Boxing has long been recognized as one of the most efficient ways of getting fit. It is a full-on, full-body activity that torches calories and improves your physical and mental wellbeing. Boxing strengthens your cardiovascular ability, helps you build resilience, and tones you up like nothing else you’ve ever done.

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The Spartan culture was that of honor, fitness and courage, virtues that are integral to Spartans Boxing Club. We are not only designed for the fighter who wants to train with true warrior intentions but also for those that want to use boxing as a fun way to shed a few pounds and get fit.


Naz Musa

Founder & Boxing Fan

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Boxing Made for everyone

The Spartans Way

An all-inclusive atmosphere

Spartans Boxing Club is the fastest growing boxing community in Singapore, and our aim is to make the Sweet Science accessible to everybody. You’ll be guided by friendly and qualified coaches, in a fun, safe and supportive environment. We run classes for all levels – from folks just looking to lose a few pounds, to people who are looking to level up and compete. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, we will be there to support you!

Boxing without the Bruises.

Spartans in the Heart of the City

Spartans Boxing Club Dhoby Ghaut is one of our newest branches, and opened its doors in January 2021. Centrally located, this bright spacious gym has everything you need to get a legitimate boxing workout, 7 days a week, early till late.
Our coaching team comprises seasoned boxers who have competed and won honors for Singapore in various competitions and our location is ideal for corporate warriors in the neighborhood who want to slip in for a session before or after work, or during lunch time.

A focus on safety

We have a special focus on safe and controlled exercises and drills.  We want emphasis on quality not merely quantity.  If it reach a point where corporate warriors want to step inside the ring, they will learn from world-class athletes and professional fighters.

Women boxing


45 minute Sessions that will ENSURE you get the very BEST!



Highly recommended for those who have no boxing experience and those who wish to refresh and refine their boxing fundamentals.


If you have been attending the basic class regularly, it’s time to level up your boxing by going to the intermediate class.


This will help strengthen your core and those muscles that are usually used for boxing because proper technique conditioning will lessen injuries and improve boxing performance.


Packed with short and intense bursts of exercises and boxing rounds,  this class is the class for you if you’re looking for fitness boxing. Consequently, it will keep your heart pumping throughout the class and it is suitable for all fitness levels.


Boxing can improve a woman’s strength, reflex, flexibility, agility and endurance by toning the body, burning fat, and building cardiovascular strength. Being fit and learning boxing as self-defense can be empowering and addictive.


Exercise stations are set up for those who wish to do self training because they don’t have time for the scheduled classes.  However, trainers will guide you in the execution. You can do as many rounds as you wish.


This is the time to put your skills to test. Headgear, mouthguard and a 14 Oz gloves is compulsory when attending the sparring class. Before attending this class, do approach your coach for feedback to see if you are ready for sparring sessions!


Learn how to give and get lots of pad work! This class is a great class if you would like to punch out your stress and practice your techniques.


Parent-child classes. A great time to bond while working out and boxing together. A child under 12 years old is entitled to 50% off on a similar package when their parent sign up to any of our unlimited package. 


Our wide range of accredited and active boxers and fitness practitioners will help you reach your goals by assisting you to become stronger, healthier or technically proficient faster. Our coaches will personally monitor your goals, create a plan for you and monitor your progress.


Too busy or unable to meet your personal trainer face to face? Fret not because you can still meet your goals with our online personal training, just let us know the time and date! In Gym Experience At Home!


Unable to go to the gym? Don’t worry because we will bring the gym to you. We have daily online classes that you can access anywhere. In Gym Experience At Home!


Accredited and Professional Coaches to Guide you


Corporate Promotion and Free Trials

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You’re seeing this page because you are a corporate warrior and we’ve collaborated with your company to offer a special corporate package to you!
As a member of one of our partner organizations, you are entitled to 15% off all unlimited training packages (UP: $250/month, Promo: $212.50/month). What’s more, if you sign up for 3 months or more, we’ll give you free boxing gloves and wraps
worth almost $100!
To take advantage of this promotion, first come in for a free trial! Please click on the button below to provide us with your details, and we will contact you to make arrangements.