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South Morang

Start your fitness journey with Spartans Boxing Club South Morang!
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Your premier destination for boxing and fitness nestled within 855 Plenty Road Health & Business Precinct. Easily accessible via Plenty Road with ample parking and surrounded by a variety of businesses, our club is perfectly situated for convenience and community.

At Spartans South Morang, we offer more than just authentic boxing workouts; we provide a space where individuals come to break barriers and forge champions from all walks of life. Our gym is designed to cater to everyone, from beginners looking for a welcoming starting point to seasoned boxers & athletes seeking a competitive edge. The sweet science of boxing and fitness is sure to empower you.

Our range of classes and programs are tailored for every age group—children, teens, women, and men—ensuring that no matter your fitness level or goal, there’s a place for you here:

  • Kids & Family Days & Classes
  • Classes for Beginners, Fundamentals, Technique, Sparring, Strength & Conditioning
  • Open Gym Access, Intermediate, Advanced, Youth, Partner Padwork, Impact Punch Technology
  • Competition, Experienced Coaches, Events, 6×6 meter ring

We have got you covered…..

Join us as a foundation member and embrace the boxing lifestyle where every session is fun, fitness-focused, and everyone is recognised as a champion.

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Open Daily:

Weekday: 6:00 am-9:00 pm

  Weekend: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

0417 486 138

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With real boxers as coaches, we are a passionate team eager to teach everything about traditional boxing and its technique-driven skills. Not everyone has the same fitness level and our qualified instructors will be there to assist anyone in need. We also have classes for kids.


Boxing is a full-on workout. For those who don’t just want to focus on the boxing, we have classes pairing boxing with high-intensity group workouts for a complete physical conditioning. There are other classes like strength & conditioning, circuit training, HIIT, Yoga, etc. Make sure to consult our schedule and class descriptions.


Training in a group brings a level of energy like no other. Not only that, we want members to feel like they are a part of a fun community. We are looking forward to seeing you at our community events for all members.


Membership Rates

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Kids Boxing

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Spartans Kids

Our youngest member is as young as 4 years old and our oldest kid is 11 years old. In kids boxing, the kids will learn various movements for body awareness, as well as basic boxing and movements. There is no contact for this class. We offer both basic and intermediate kids boxing classes.

Spartans Fit

Packed with short and intense bursts of exercises and boxing rounds, this class is the class for you if you’re looking for fitness boxing. Consequently, it will keep your heart pumping throughout the class and it is suitable for all fitness levels.

Spartans Fundamentals

Highly recommended for those who have no boxing experience, just started with boxing and those who wish to refresh and refine their boxing fundamentals. Focus is on learning and mastery of the proper basic punches, footwork, defensive moves, breathing, flow of body movements during transitions and more.

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We’re currently building a space to welcome the whole community. We are passionate in launching this community of boxing, health and fitness in South Morang and looking forward to accompany you towards your goals.

Spartans Boxing Club @ South Morang

Opening in April 2024!
855 Plenty Road, South Morang, Victoria, 3752

Call us at:  0417 486 138

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