Fitness is not fitness without mental health

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Spartans Mind is a mindset and a lifestyle. For some people Spartans Mind will be about optimising their mental health. For others it is about repair so that they can once again embrace life. For too long mental health has been overlooked by the fitness industry, that all changes with Spartans Mind.

Naz Musa

Founder and CEO 

 “Your mind is your greatest asset”

Dr. Paul Englert

Chief Psychologist

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What is Spartans Mind?

A Holistic Approach to Health

Spartans Mind is a new concept in fitness. We have long recognised that our present and future members join the gym for more than physical fitness. People join our gyms for a deep sense of wellness, including mental and physical health. As a world-class gym, we aim to provide this holistic health under our brand Spartans Mind.

Spartans Mind has three arms that cater for the broad range of mental fitness that we are targeting: Repair, Optimise and Strengthen.

At the foundation of the three arms of Spartans Mind is data. We track and record progress on our dedicated Spartans Mind app with all our interventions. The Spartans Mind App provides empirical data on our interventions by recording data on mood, stress, and energy levels.

3 Pillars of Spartans Mind


Boxing is one of the few training modalities with empirical evidence supporting its application to mental health. Many people don’t engage in fitness due to poor mental health brought about by trauma and depression. We want to address this and have designed a specialised 8-week programme that runs in conjunction with psychotherapy, to help a person on the road to recovery.



At the other end of the spectrum is optimisation, which is the development of what we call the Spartans Mindset. For this, we have formed partnerships to offer our members tailored programmes to optimise mental health.


Core to Spartans mind is our outreach programme. Our goal with outreach is to strengthen youth and ex-offenders. With our dedicated 12-week programme, selected youth and ex-offenders will go through our Futureselves programme, designed to strengthen them for the next stage in life. The programme consists of both psychometric and psychological intervention and physical fitness underpinned, naturally, by boxing.


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