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Boxing in Serangoon Gardens is now possible! Join our studio now at 56A Serangoon Gardens Way. The core of our studio is for anybody to learn boxing, from those who are ready to train for fights, to those who want to stay fit, or the ones that are looking for a fun community to be part of. We offer 360 workouts from cardio, strength, yoga, stretching, HIIT, personal training, all that while staying true to the heart of boxing.
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With a team real boxer coaches, we are a passionate team eager to teach everthing about traditional boxing and its technique-driven skills. Not everyone has the same fitness level and our qualified team of instructors will be there to take care of people of all levels. There will also be classes for kids and women only.


Boxing is a full-on workout. For those who don’t just want to focus on the boxing, we have classes pairing boxing with high-intensity group workouts for a complete physical conditioning. There are other classes like strength & conditioning, circuit training, HIIT, Yoga, etc. Make sure to consult our schedule and class descriptions.


Training in a group brings a level of energy like no other. Not only that, we want members to feel like they are a part of a fun community. We are looking forward to see you at our community events monthly for all the family members!


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Personal Training

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Ladies-Only Boxing

Despite the stereotypes, boxing isn’t just a man’s game as models such as Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Adriana Lima have also fallen in love with the sport! Join our boxing classes for women only.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning can increase your metabolism, help you lose weight and have you maintain a healthy lifestyle. By creating stronger muscles through strength and conditioning, you will burn more calories and keep the unwanted pounds off.


Boxing, like any sport, requires a huge amount of skill, dedication, focus, and fitness. In that way, yoga can serve as a complementary practice for any boxer. Yoga poses work to strengthen the entire body, and are perfect for stretching up your tight muscles.

Spartans @ Serangoon Gardens

56A Serangoon Gardens Way
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