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Spartans Boxing Club FAQ


How can I book for a FREE Trial?

There are 3 ways to  book a Free Trial class:

      1. Spartans Boxing app. Super easy, super user friendly. Click on the link to download:   App Store    Android

      2. Website

      3. Human interaction, feel free to contact the Spartans Boxing Club nearest you and we are more than happy to assist you!

Don’t forget,  when you create an account its needs to have a password that has 8 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 special character. Once you open the Spartans Boxing App, key in Spartans@(your nearest branch) and that is it!

Where are you located?

You can check out the Spartans Boxing Club nearest you 

I want to learn more about the foundation membership? Perks?

Our foundation membership’s price is the best promotion in town for our newly launched gyms! We will also throw in some merchandise as well to welcome the OGs

How can I book for a class?

You can book our class via our Spartans Boxing app.  Click on the link below to download:

       App Store          Android

If you prefer a little bit of human interaction, feel free to contact the Spartans Boxing Club nearest you and we are more than happy to assist you!

What should we bring to class?

If you have your own gloves and hand wraps, bring those along. If not then just your sports attire, shoes, positive attitude and an open mind. Leave the rest to us

Can I bring a friend? How?

Absolutely! Similarly, download the app the register from there or give us a call

I do not have any boxing experience, can I join?

We all start somewhere, so yes.  In fact, most of our members started with zero boxing experience. So don’t be shy and get started!

What classes do you offer?

We have a wide range of classes – basic boxing, All levels boxing, advanced classes, HIIT, sparring classes and many more! We would love to hear your goals and work towards it with you

Can I make monthly payments?

Monthly payments are available, yes. Our contracts have no hidden upfront costs, and no lock- ins. If you have employee benefits from your company, you may also do annual membership and claim accordingly.

Do you have a kids class? What is the age limit? How can I book my kids?

100%! We are in an all-inclusive gym and our youngest Spartans warrior is four years old. Our kids programs have been designed from an early childhood educator and our coaches with families. You can take a look at our U12 packages that are available. START THEM YOUNG!

What is your timetable like?

Our timetable is available on the website of the outlet nearest you, or you can contact us and we will forward it to you

I cannot attend class regularly, do you have any plans for this?

We understand that your schedule might be a little hectic. We have flexible class packages and personal training packages and even an online VOD called In Gym XP@home.  Once you have adjusted, you may consider taking our unlimited packages

What are your classes like?

Different classes focus on different techniques and fitness levels. It really depends on which classes you are in. Our coaches are professionally trained to design a class plan catering to different levels of training. You can experience this first hand during your trial class

What if I have an upcoming trip and won’t be able to do classes on a regular basis?

We  allow our members to pause the membership. We are pretty flexible and all you need do is to speak to our helpful customer service people and we will do our best to help you with this

Will I get punched in the face? 

Our philosophy is Boxing Without Bruises. Most of our members do NOT want to get punched in the face and don’t want to compete. That’s perfectly ok.

I want to be a fighter, do you cater to this?

ABSOLUTELY! We have an incredibly successful stable of professional and amateur boxers who have competed across the region. The Spartans Boxing Club reputation as fierce fighters is kept alive with us and we encourage those who want to try their hand at competing to do it! Just make sure you are ready to train hard!

I’m a member at a particular branch, can I access the other Spartans Boxing Club gyms for free?

Due to COVID safety reasons, it is best for our members to train at the gym they signed up for or their home gym. Hopefully you’ll get to meet your fellow Spartans warriors from the other gyms in the near future

If I purchase the credit packs, can I share them with my friends or family members? 

For credit packs, we do not practice sharing of credits

I have a pre-existing wrist/ankle injury, will the training aggravate my injury?

Safety is our number one priority. Do inform our coaches on duty and we will ensure that you’ll still be able to learn proper boxing techniques and get some work out, without risking your health and safety