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Spartans White Collar


Spartans White Collar



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is a fun way of competing and
finding out how good your boxing skills are.

Stop Dreaming.

Start Working.

Time to Change Your Life Forever.

Learn how to become a boxer in 12 weeks as part of your membership

Don’t worry if you have not boxed before, this event is for beginners

You will be matched with an opponent of the same ability, weight and fitness level to ensure that it is a fair fight

“White Collar gave me a competitive challenge since I retired from rugby, I lost 14 Kg, and I really enjoyed the challenge.”

Garry JarmanBig G

“I am a fitness trainer, and doing Spartans White Collar boxing was a way to channel my training and lifestyle to a goal, something to look forward to. And the atmosphere at Spartans Boxing Club Arjan is nice and very relaxed, and it is just a nice place to be.”

Lauren McDonaldLittle Fire

“I am 50 years old; the two months I practiced for White Collar Dubai have learned skills I never knew, and I have enjoyed the process tremendously.”

Fred MarshallThe Beast

“ I was looking for an extra challenge, and Spartans White Collar boxing was perfect. Practicing at Spartans Boxing Club Arjan has been great. What I love most is that it is boxing without bruises, so I have always felt safe when I have been here.”

Lawrie WalkerLightning Fury

” It is kind of my thing to sign up for sporting events to which I am not qualified; since I started boxing, I lost a little over 5 Kgs in 3 months, I am fitter than I have ever been, I have all those new cool skills that I am looking forward to demonstrating, and I have made some good friends. I am excited to continue boxing after the Spartans White Collar event.”

Stuart CattThe Thunder

I set a goal to participate in a sporting event, and when I learned about the Spartans White Collar, I thought this was perfect for me. The intensity of boxing training is something unique, the coaches are fantastic, and you really feel supported when you come to Spartans Boxing Club Arjan.”

David BlackMiami


Accredited and Professional Coaches to Guide you

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