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Mental Fitness and Boxing

By December 10, 2022December 14th, 2022Spartans Mind
Mental Fitness and Boxing

Boxing is a sport that we typically associate with mental resilience, and did you know that a huge amount of research has been done on the impact of boxing on the mind. It’s been found that boxing can foster confidence, improve concentration, increase self-awareness, and help with stress relief.

Research has shown that even just 15 minutes of intense physical exercise a day can have a significant impact on the brain asit releases the feel-good hormones which can elevate mood. Boxing is a great way to expend extra frustration and energy you have which can help to de-stress as well as relieve any pent-up anger. It also serves as an active meditation, helping the brain enter a focused state of “flow” where you’re completely absorbed in the activity. Finally, it’s a great way to improve self-efficacy and control which has been negatively correlated with depression and low mood. 

It’s because of this that at Evexia Collective we are excited to partner with Spartan’s Boxing in Singapore, where we will be providing our Mental Fitness solution to Spartans clients so that they can Measure and improve their Mental Fitness alongside their physical fitness. 

To celebrate, we wanted to share a bit more about our methodology for mental fitness here at Evexia Collective. Mental Fitness consists of three core pillars, each corresponding to different parts of our brain and therefore to different behaviors. 



This relates to how much energy you have right now, it is a combination of how awake, positive, motivated, passionate, and driven you feel

  • Behaviors: Motivation, drive, behavioural & emotional responses
  • Limbic system

energy mind








We all know that feeling of waking up feeling well rested, energetic and ready to start the day. Unfortunately this feeling can be tricky to come by if we aren’t sleeping well or if we are running on empty. Therefore a core part of mental fitness relates to how much quality sleep we are getting. But Energy isn’t just about sleep, it’s also about how passionate and excited we feel about life. This often comes down to a sense of purpose in life and can impact how motivated we feel in our personal and professional lives. 

Find out more in this video: 



This relates to how calm you feel and includes how well you are managing stress and how easily you can relax.

  • Behaviors: Wakeful rest, balance, self-referential processing, introspection, memories
  • Default mode

calm mind

We often associate our mental wellbeing with how stressed we are. Yet whilst chronic stress is bad for us mentally and physically, we also need a certain amount of stress to help motivate us and perform to our best. So that’s why we focus on our sense of calm, as you may have some healthy stress in your day, but if you are able to bring on a sense of calm and relaxation when you want to, then you are keeping yourself in “good” stress really well.

Find out more in this video:




This relates to your decision-making ability and how well you can pay attention to one task at a time without being distracted.

  • Behaviours: Wakeful rest, balance, self-referential processing, introspection, memories
  • Paratial Frontal Executive System


Being able to focus on one task at a time without distraction is a common difficulty in the workplace, especially when other aspects of Mental Fitness are weaker (energy and calm). When we have a million things to get done, it can be difficult to pay attention to each one in turn. But that’s usually when we need to focus most! As well as paying attention, this part of Mental Fitness includes decision making ability and aspects of logical thinking, both of which are particularly important in the workplace and come under strain when our Mental Fitness isn’t doing it’s best. 

Find out more in this video: 

All three of these pillars are impacted by social connection which is how connected to others we feel. This doesn’t need to mean you have hundreds of friends, but rather the quality of the close connections you have. These relationships help us feel calmer, more energized and in turn can impact focus. So it’s an addition key aspect of Mental Fitness.

So as we launch our partnership with Spartans Mind, we are excited to explore these aspects of Mental Fitness alongside boxing and see how it helps to improve Mental Fitness.