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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: After completing the course can I start coaching classes at any Spartans Boxing Club branch?

A1: After the course you will need to complete 5 assisted class coaching sessions at any Spartans branch under the direct supervision of a Spartans coach on duty. Only after that will the coaching accreditation certificate be issued to you.


Q2: Once I get the certificate, can I work as a boxing coach around the world?

A2: No, our certificate is an in-house recognised certificate which allows you to have the option to apply for a coaching role at any one of our Spartans gyms  around the world. What a Spartans Coaching Certificate WILL do is show your commitment to learning and development as a coach. This gives you the best opportunity to find coaching roles wherever you are in the world.


Q3: I’m not a boxer but I have other forms of martial arts experience, am i suitable for the course?

A3: Of course! This course is beneficial to fitness coaches, boxers, coaches, hobbyists and absolute beginners. The course will give you takeaways to learn regardless of your experience level.


Q4: What will I learn at the course?

A4: You will learn a mix or theoretical and practical components of what it takes to be a boxing coach. This will range from safety, to customer engagement, to coaching attitudes and styles, as well as boxing techniques.  The most popular modules in this course include shadow boxing, padwork, bagwork and sparring as well as how to plan classes ranging from kids boxing, through to beginner and intermediate.


Q5: How long is the course duration?

A5: It’s a two day course with a mix of theory and practical lessons. (Be prepared to sweat.)


Q6: Who else will be participating in the course

A6: The course participants will be a mix of Spartans coaches and members of the public. The course is a good opportunity to network with your peers, a lot of the participants have made friends with each other.


Q7: Will I get a job as a coach at Spartans once I receive my certificate?

A7: The certificate allows you to coach at any Spartans branch, but like any job application there will be an interview process from the branch to decide if you are the right fit for our business.


Q8: I have an injury, will I be able to attend the course?

A8: Please check with a certified doctor if you are able to attend the course as you will be required to do physical exercise.


Q9: How do I pay for the course and when do I need to make payment?

A9: Course fees are to be paid latest a week before the course date. An invoice will be emailed to you with the payment details. Once payment is received the course manual will be sent to you.


Q10: How long is the certificate valid for?

A10: The certificate is valid for 2 years however there is a small annual renewal fee of SG$25. With this renewal fee you will have access to our online boxing content as well as being eligible for discounts on future course.