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Transform Lives and Build a Legacy with a Spartans Boxing Club Franchise

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About Us

Empowering Individuals, Building Champions, and Strengthening Communities

At Spartans Boxing Club, our mission is to make boxing accessible to everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or background. We pride ourselves on fostering an all-inclusive atmosphere, where each member feels welcomed and supported as they embark on their personal fitness journey.

A Family-Like Environment for Growth and Progress

Our friendly, family-like environment ensures that training at SBC feels like working out with friends, while receiving personalized instruction tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our addictive and motivating training sessions will keep you coming back, eager to improve your fitness and strength every day.

Breeding Winners with World-Class Training

For those with aspirations to compete, our professional training team is dedicated to nurturing your skills, sharpening your mind, and transforming you into a formidable fighter. With Spartans Boxing Club, you’re in the company of winners.

Your Journey, Your Community, Our Commitment

Our focus on progression, safe and controlled exercises, and drills ensures that your journey with us is centered around quality, not just quantity. If you decide to step inside the ring, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to learn from world-class athletes and professional fighters.

At Spartans Boxing Club, we’re not just a boxing gym – we’re a community dedicated to empowering individuals, building champions, and strengthening bonds through the shared love of the sport. Join us and discover your full potential today.

The team that run the gym are great fun to work with and you can sense their passion to make members feel welcome. I may be the owner, but first and foremost I’m proud to be a member of Spartans Boxing Club

WKMulti Unit Franchise Owner

I’ve been a member of Spartans Boxing Club Joo Chiat since 2017. I initially joined to get fit. Got really into it when I realized how technical boxing is and how much I was learning. I fell in love with it when I realised it was a place where I had made many friends. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take on the Joo Chiat Franchise in 2021.

MAZSingle Franchise Owner

Becoming a Spartans Boxing Club franchisee was a life-changing decision. Not only have I built a successful business, but I've also made a genuine impact on my community. The support and guidance provided by the Spartans team have been invaluable.

I've always had a passion for fitness, and joining the Spartans Boxing Club family as a franchisee has allowed me to turn that passion into a thriving career. The camaraderie among franchisees and the brand's commitment to excellence make this opportunity truly unique.

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