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spartans mind repair




Boxing is one of the few training modalities with empirical evidence supporting its application to mental health. Many people don’t engage in fitness due to poor mental health brought about by trauma and depression. We want to address this and have designed a specialised 5-week programme that runs in conjunction with psychotherapy, to help a person on the road to recovery.

Confidence and Self belief

The programme aims at addressing the root cause of a drop in confidence and how best to develop confidence. The programme is well suited to those that have issues with such things as body issues, self-doubt, or lack a general belief in their competence.


If you are having trouble with focussing at work or home then this will be the programme for you. The programme is well suited for those who have trouble concentrating due to competing demands, unresolved trauma, or a general wandering mind.

Mood and energy
If you are struggling with mood regulation or lacking in energy then you might want to enrol in the mood and energy programme. The programme is especially useful for those suffering depression, low mood or general lethargy.
If you are struggling to control your anger or believe that you have anger issues we have a dedicated programme to address your needs. Boxing has long been recognised as a useful means of dealing with anger management, especially when coupled with psychotherapy.
Motivational kick start
Do you have key projects that you are wanting to start? Do you have fail to get going due to procrastination or other issues with motivation? If any of this sounds like you, our motivational kick start programme may be just what you are looking for.
The format for each programme:
1. An assigned coach who will provide personal training, design a boxing programme to meet your requirements and at your level and be your own motivational coach.
2. A dedicated psychologist who will work with you one-on-one in your area of focus.