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Franchise Business Opportunities with Spartans Boxing Club

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Spartans Boxing Club offers opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to learn boxing while also providing them with mentorship and guidance. If you love boxing or athletic pursuits and want to make a profit while making an impact, consider investing in a franchise business with Spartans Boxing Club. Read on to learn more about Spartans Boxing Club as a business opportunity and what it would involve.

What Does Spartans Boxing Club Do?

Spartans Boxing Club is a brand that offers boxing classes for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you want to learn self-defence skills or get in shape, Spartans Boxing Club’s classes are a great way to do it. In addition to providing boxing classes, Spartans Boxing Club encourages its coaches to be mentors to their students and create a community. Whether it’s having a better lifestyle or improving your diet, Spartans Boxing Club’s coaches are there to help. Spartans Boxing Club aims to build a global network of community boxing gyms that are inclusive, unintimidating and focused on driving its members’ health and wellness goals. In addition to  Boxing classes of all categories, Spartans Boxing Club created other projects such as Video On Demand Training and the Exciting Spartans Mind Mental Health and Wellness program; Because Spartans Boxing Clubs offer wholistic experiences and continuously adds projects and programs that enhance the services and adds new revenue streams. In addition Spartans Boxing Club organizes the White-collar events that are met with Huge success. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Franchise Business?

Buying a franchise business differs according to many variables, including location, but Spartans Boxing Club offers competitive prices and a vast range of services; Spartans Boxing Club offers Gym equipment and Merchandise sourced at beneficial costs. To learn more about Spartans Boxing Club’s franchise offering, visit

Why Should You Become a Franchisee of Spartans Boxing Club?

You should consider a franchise business that shows clear signs of success; Spartans Boxing Club is nominated for the franchise of the year award at the 2022 fit summit awards of Excellence. In addition to this impressive achievement, here are many reasons why you should become a franchisee of Spartans Boxing Club : 

  • Proven business model:  A low-risk investment with proven case studies. Spartans Boxing Club has opened 16 successful franchises; their system works!
  • Comprehensive SOPs: Spartans Boxing Clubs have  SOPs for everything, and they are honed based on experience to maximise your return.
  • Low setup costs: The initial investment is low compared to other gym franchises.
  • Cash flow positive within weeks: the average gym achieves cash-flow positivity within ten weeks.
  • Strong ROI: Spartans Boxing Club’s owners’ ROIs are very compelling.
  • Fully digitalised: Everything from membership management, class management, and marketing is digitalised.

Spartans Boxing Club’s transparent business model means that you’ll know exactly how much you need to pay and when you need to pay it, which means you can keep a close eye on your finances and avoid any debt. Spartans Boxing Club also offers support and training for each franchisee, meaning you can learn from the best in the industry.

Another reason you should consider buying a Spartans Boxing Club franchise Business is to work in a positive and collaborative environment. Spartans Boxing Club’s franchise network is made up of coaches and mentors who support each other. This supportive, collaborative environment is perfect for anyone who wants to make a real difference in their own life and the lives of others. 

Is Starting a Franchise Business with Spartans Boxing Club Right for You?

If you’re interested in boxing or starting a franchise Business, Spartans Boxing Club’s classes are a great way to start! If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee of Spartans Boxing Club, you should contact us today and email us at Spartans Boxing Club is a great franchise opportunity for anyone who wants to get fit, and make a profit while making an Impact.


The Top 5 Gym Franchise Options

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Gym Franchise in small towns has their perks. Small towns have their own set of challenges when it comes to starting a business. In smaller communities, there are fewer potential customers, so it can be harder to build a customer base. On top of that, operating costs tend to be higher in small towns as well since services like transportation and utilities are also smaller. In spite of these difficulties, Opening a gym franchise in a small town can be an excellent opportunity for the right entrepreneur. Small towns tend to have lower operational costs compared to bigger cities. At the same time, people from small towns are more likely to become members of your gym than city dwellers because they have fewer fitness options available to them locally. Here is what you need to know about opening a gym franchise in a small town.

What is the Best Boxing Gym Franchise in Small Town?

If you decide to open a boxing franchise gym, you will be able to tap into a passionate community of people. Boxing is the perfect fitness activity for families and a great sport for adults.  It is often successful because it makes fitness a social experience. People who join these gyms want to be part of a tight-knit community. 

Another example is CrossFit – CrossFit is one of the most exciting fitness modalities out there. This high-intensity group fitness program combines weight lifting, gymnastics, and intense cardio for an overall challenging workout. CrossFit is popular because there is a sense of competitiveness and accomplishment from each workout. It is also a great way to get people to work out that might otherwise never go to a gym.

Why Choose a Franchise over Starting from Scratch?

If you have never run a business before, it can be very tempting to try to open a small-town gym from scratch. After all, you will have more control over every detail of your business if you do not franchise. However, starting a business from scratch means that you will need a large amount of capital. You will also have to hire experts to help you design your facility and train your employees. Closing a business can be a long and difficult process. You will have to find buyers for all of your equipment and then pay off any debts you have incurred as an entrepreneur. If you choose to go with a gym franchise, you will have a proven business model to follow that has been successful in many other communities. Franchise owners have already gone through the process of designing a gym and hiring employees, so you can learn from their mistakes.

Boxing Gym Franchise

If you choose to open a boxing gym, you will have the opportunity to profit from an extremely passionate community of people. Boxing gyms are often successful because they attract two distinct types of people. First, they attract beginners who want to start exercising but do not know where to begin. Boxing is a great way to start exercising because it is much less intimidating than a gym full of machines. Boxing gyms also attract experienced athletes who want to hone their skills. If you build a great facility, your boxing gym will be able to attract both beginner and expert boxers.

Zumba and Yoga gym franchise

If you choose to open a Zumba or yoga studio, you will be able to tap into a group of people that is often overlooked at traditional gyms. Many people who like yoga or Zumba are looking for a non-intimidating way to get healthy, but they are not interested in joining a gym. Zumba and yoga are also social activities, which makes them perfect for a group setting. Hot Combination Fitness Classes Many small-town gyms rely on hot combination fitness classes to bring in members.

Hit Program Classes: Treadmill, Elliptical, & More

Hit program classes are designed to give members a full-body workout in under an hour. These classes are often held in large group settings with high-energy instructors. You can expect your hit classes to draw a large crowd and encourage members to continue exercising after their class is over. Hit program fitness classes are very appealing for people who have busy schedules but still want to work out regularly. Hot combination fitness classes are also designed for a high-intensity workout. Adding a treadmill and elliptical machine to your gym gives your members the opportunity to do hot classes on a stationary exercise machine.

Strength Training Rooms

If you decide to open a gym, you will likely want to include a strength training room. Strength training is an excellent way to build muscle and stay fit, but it is often overlooked by gym members. Having a strength training room in your gym gives members a dedicated space to use free weights and build muscle. Strength training rooms are also very flexible in terms of how you can design your space. You can choose to have multiple stations or just a few machines. This flexibility means you can keep your room small and inexpensive but still offer an important service.

Cardio Rooms

If you want to offer a wide range of classes to your members, you will probably want to have a few cardio rooms. While you can put a treadmill and elliptical machine in a strength training room, the other cardio machines like the stationary bike, rowing machine, and stair climber need their own space. Cardio rooms can also be used for special events like spinning classes or guest lectures. They are a versatile addition to any gym and a good way to keep members coming back.


The best gym for small town entrepreneurs to open is one that will attract customers without requiring a large investment. Boxing gyms are often successful in small towns because they attract passionate people who are willing to come to the gym regularly. On top of that, boxing gyms are relatively inexpensive to start compared to other exercise franchises. If you want to open a gym in a small town, you should choose a franchise that is relatively inexpensive. You should also consider what types of people you want to attract to your gym. Once you have chosen the right gym franchise for your town, you will be able to start growing your business and engaging with the people in your community.

Want to Become a Spartans Boxing Club Franchisee?

Is boxing your passion? Are you looking for ways to make a lasting impact on individuals’ lives and on the sport as a whole? Do you have a savvy business sense? Owning a Spartans Boxing Franchise might be for you! 

With a proven business model that has returned incredible profits year-over-year for our franchisees, and offering all that you need to succeed in the operation of your franchise, there’s no better opportunity than the one here at Spartans Boxing Clubs.

If you’re interested in becoming a Spartans franchise owner or you simply want to learn more about the business and its offerings, be sure to contact us at . We look forward to hearing from you!


From Boxing Personal Training To Boxing Gym Ownership

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Boxing personal training is trending as there are millions of people around the world who enjoy boxing as a sport and as a way to keep their bodies in shape. In addition to its obvious benefits, such as burning fat and building lean muscle mass, boxing also offers numerous secondary benefits. For instance, it is an excellent way to build hand-eye coordination, increase your balance, and improve your concentration under pressure, and boxing personal training can optimize those results. With that said, there are many personal trainers who would love to become boxing gym owners so they can open their own enterprise. While starting your own business isn’t easy under any circumstances, becoming a boxing gym owner requires special preparation and insight into different kinds of risks. Before you take the plunge into becoming a boxing gym owner here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Know Your Audience and Their Needs: use your boxing personal training experience

One of the most important things to keep in mind when considering opening a boxing gym is your audience. You obviously should be familiar with the sport to some extent, but since you want to cater to people who want to learn boxing, not necessarily compete in boxing, you need to know their needs as well. What do these people want from a boxing gym? What are their pain points? How can boxing help them? If you can’t answer these questions, you won’t have a successful business.

As a Spartans Boxing Club owner, you will receive complete support and guidance on the audiences that are targeted by Spartans Boxing Clubs and how to target them, as the franchisor we have a deep knowledge of the market based on thorough market research and of course the established years of experience. In other words, you will be in good hands. 

Transitioning from boxing personal training to gym ownership, Be Ready to Sacrifice Everything:

One of the sacrifices you will need to make as a boxing personal trainer becoming a gym owner is your privacy. In a world where everyone is a self-promoter, this may seem out of place, but trust me, you will need to let your audience know that you are open for business by letting people know your gym exists. Keep in mind that you will have to sacrifice time as well. Boxing gyms are open at late hours and you will need to be prepared to work long hours when you first open. You may even need to close for a few days at a time to get renovations done or make sure everything is in working order. Stay on top of your finances, too, so you can make sure you are meeting your bills every month. And since you won’t receive income from your clients until you have a contract, be sure to have a plan in place to pay your bills until then.

With Spartans Boxing Club, we have established systems for running the gym, all these data and processes will be provided to you with training so you can manage your gym successfully.

Consider Your Gym’s Location

What is the ideal location for your boxing gym? Consider traffic patterns, how accessible it is for your clients, nearby amenities, and parking availability. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get to your boxing gym. This means you shouldn’t choose a location that people will have to struggle to get to. It should be a place that people are already driving past and will make a mental note of, “Oh, I can walk there.” Finding the right location for your gym can be a challenge, but it is an important factor in its success. Ideally, your boxing gym should be near where people live. If your gym is in an area where not a lot of people live, you’ll have a harder time meeting your potential clientele.

Spartans Boxing Clubs Support their franchisee’s site searching and location optimization.

Ask for Recommendations and References

When you choose your contractor, builder, and service providers, be sure to ask for recommendations and references. This is how you will get the best people for your boxing gym. If someone doesn’t have any recommendations or references, it’s probably because they don’t work well and aren’t reliable. While you shouldn’t close any doors because someone doesn’t have references, you should take it into consideration. If someone has been in business for a long time, but they don’t have any recommendations, that isn’t a good sign. While that doesn’t mean they are going to do a bad job for you, it does mean they haven’t done a good job for anyone else, either.

Since Spartans Boxing Club is an established name in the boxing gyms market, it is already reliable and attracts a multitude of customers, moving from boxing personal training to Spartans Boxing Club owner you won’t need to make effort on building a reputation.

Bring in the Right Equipment:

Let’s face it, boxing gyms are all about the equipment. This can be something as simple as a heavy bag or something as complex as an octagon. When you are bringing in your equipment, make sure it is good quality, not some used equipment that is on its last legs. You want all your equipment to be safe and reliable. You also want it to be aesthetically pleasing to your clients. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, but you do want to make sure that your equipment looks good and meets the needs of your clients.

Spartans Boxing Clubs Provides Spartans Boxing Club owners gym equipment sourced at beneficial costs and merchandise sourced also at beneficial costs.

Estimate What It Will Cost to Renovate

It goes without saying that renovating an old boxing gym and building new ones from scratch isn’t cheap. Depending on your budget, you will have to decide how much you want your boxing gym to look like a penthouse or like an old boxing gym. The latter can be more cost-effective, but the former is certainly more luxurious and comfortable. Whatever you decide, be sure to estimate what it will cost you to renovate your boxing gym before it is built so you can have a better idea of how much money you will have leftover.

Get everything you need with Spartans Boxing Clubs to transition from boxing personal training to boxing gym ownership:

If you decide to become A Spartans Boxing Club owner, you will be introduced and trained on our Franchise Management System (FMS),  a system that integrates the financial and quality performance reporting, purchasing, inventory, sales, and billing as well as product management, vendor management, and workflow process on one single platform. And Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) modules to equip you as a Franchise Owner and your staff with all the information on how to run a Spartans Boxing Club.

So what are you waiting for?  

Become a Spartans Boxing Club Franchisee

With a proven business model that has returned incredible profits year-over-year for our franchisees, and offering all that you need to succeed in the operation of your franchise, there’s no better opportunity than the one here at Spartans Boxing Clubs.

If you’re interested in becoming a Spartans franchise owner or you simply want to learn more about the business and its offerings, be sure to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Boxing Club Do’s and Don’ts

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So, you’ve decided to open up your own boxing club, or even better, become a Spartan Boxing Club Franchisee. Congratulations, you’ve made the first step towards spreading the joy of boxing throughout your community!

However, as mentioned, deciding to open a boxing club is just the first step of many… In other words, while it’s great to have the passion and drive to pursue such a business, it doesn’t guarantee success.

In fact, there are several things to consider in order to ensure that your boxing club has the greatest chance of success and longevity. To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of boxing club do’s and don’ts so that you can ensure that you not only avoid the most common mistakes but you make the right decisions in the process.

So, if you’re an existing boxing gym owner or if you’re an aspiring franchisee, this article is for you! The following are the dos and don’ts of running a successful boxing club…

Boxing Club Do’s

While it’s important to avoid the most common mistakes that many gym owners make when first getting into business, it’s just as important to execute effectively what needs to be properly executed…

Create a Business Plan for a successful boxing club

When boxing club owners first think of getting into the business, it’s easy to get consumed with all of the fun things that come with owning a fitness facility. While these things are also important, they mean nothing if you don’t first take the time to properly set up your gym for success.

In other words, what location are you planning to open up in? what are the overhead costs, expenses, and expected monthly revenues? How many coaches do you need to hire and at what rate? What are the membership costs going to be? 

Once you’ve identified an effective opening strategy that comprises a detailed business model focused on retention, longevity, and profitability, then you can spend your time on the fun stuff.

Invest in Quality Equipment in your boxing club

Once you’ve devised a strategy that will set your business up for success, it’s now time to think about the facility itself. 

In other words, what equipment is needed? How much equipment is needed? Where can the equipment be placed in order to optimize the space? These questions and more need to be considered when creating an atmosphere that members desire…

Curate an Atmosphere That Member Want to be A Part Of

Not only to attract new members but to retain existing ones, it’s imperative to create an atmosphere that’s both motivating, inspiring, and welcoming. After all, while members come for the workout, they stay for the atmosphere and community built around it. 

Clubs that fail to prioritize the atmosphere of the facility tend to fail in the long term. Contrastingly, those that do it right tend to build a lasting community that long outlives its original owners…

Boxing Club Don’ts

Setting up your business for success is one thing, but avoiding the most common mistakes is an entirely different task worth investigating further. Unfortunately, too often, boxing club owners continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Don’t let this be you. Below are some of the biggest boxing club DON’TS…

Failing to Follow a Budget

As mentioned in the boxing club DOs, it’s imperative to first set your business up for success via a detailed business plan before jumping right into business. In other words, once you purchase the location, the property, and the equipment, you’re stuck with it for the life of the contract.

Instead, be calculated in where you choose to locate, what you choose to purchase, and when you choose to sign the dotted line… Better yet, create a budget and stick to it! Failing to do so is a fast track to failure, or worse, not even reaching opening day! 

Hiring the Cheapest Labor

Boxing clubs that seek out the most affordable staffing and coaches tend to fail the fastest. Why? Because the cheapest labor is often correlated with the lowest quality of service and expertise…

If you’re trying to pinch pennies, your members will notice it immediately, opting to seek out a higher quality club to sign up for instead. So, invest in the people and seek to save elsewhere; it will pay off in the long run and your members will stick around! 

Failing to Create a Community

As mentioned earlier, while most members come for the workout, they stay for the atmosphere and corresponding community; especially when it comes to boxing clubs, the community aspect is massively important.

In order to build a community, you need to first create an atmosphere that people want to be a part of. You then need to hire the right people to run the business and coach the members. Finally, you need to maintain, build, and nurture relationships for the lifetime of the club’s existence.

If you do that, you’ll inevitably reap the rewards…

Want to Become a Spartans Boxing Club Franchisee?

Is boxing your passion? Are you looking for ways to make a lasting impact on individuals’ lives and on the sport as a whole? Do you have a savvy business sense? Owning a Spartans Boxing Franchise might be for you! 

With a proven business model that has returned incredible profits year-over-year for our franchisees, and offering all that you need to succeed in the operation of your franchise, there’s no better opportunity than the one here at Spartans Boxing Clubs.

If you’re interested in becoming a Spartans franchise owner or you simply want to learn more about the business and its offerings, be sure to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you! 


From Boxing Coach to Boxing Gym Franchise Owner

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If you’re an existing boxing coach eager to take your career to the next level, you’ve likely considered diving into the boxing gym franchise business. Concerned whether or not this is a suitable fit for your resume, you might hesitate to pursue the opportunity, reluctant that leaving your career as a coach might not be the safest, most practical next step…

However, what if we told you that transitioning from a successful boxing coach to a boxing gym franchise owner is the most natural next step that you could make?!

While some boxing coaches might be satisfied with continuing with their coaching career, getting enough joy out of serving their existing customer base, others might feel the need to make a greater impact on a larger scale.

If this sounds like you, transitioning from coach to franchise owner might just be exactly what you’re looking for!

Coach to Boxing Gym Franchise Owner; The Perfect Transition

Transitioning from one career to another is always a stressful and uncertain time in someone’s life. This is because of the lack of guarantee that the next career path will work out…

Take professional athletes, for example. When most of them are finished with their competitive career, they seek to pursue other business-related avenues such as opening up a gym or becoming a coach.

While this certainly works out for some, there are several stories of failure, but why? While there are several potential reasons for failure to transition from one career to the next, it’s likely, in part, a result of it being a poor fit. In other words, just because someone is an incredible athlete doesn’t always mean they’ll be just as good of a coach.

On the contrary, if you’ve already proven yourself as a successful coach, compiling a sizeable clientele that only seems to continue growing, there are characteristics involved in doing so that translate naturally to other related careers. On such transition is the ‘coach to franchise owner’ career shift…

Again, while it might not always be a suitable fit, in most circumstances, it is. In what follows, we seek to explain why…

Five (5) Reasons Why Becoming a Boxing Gym Franchise Owner is a Natural Step from Being a Boxing Coach:

  • You Have a Passion for boxing
  • You’re an Ambassador for the Sport of boxing
  • You Developed a Business-Sense as a boxing Coach
  • You Understand Sales and Promotion
  • You Have an Existing and Growing Customer Base

You Have a Passion for Boxing

In order to remain interested and eager to grow and operate a business, let alone a franchise, you need to first have a passion for what you’re doing; otherwise, where does the drive and ambition come from?

When running a boxing franchise, in particular, a business mind isn’t enough. Instead, a coupling of business and passion is what’s required for long-term success.

You’re an Ambassador for the Sport of boxing

When applying to become a franchisee of a boxing club or any type of fitness facility or franchise for that matter, there is going to be a vetting process to see whether or not you’re a good fit for the role.
As a former boxing coach, you’ll likely be perceived as the perfect fit, not only because you have a passion for the sport but because of your learned business skills as a coach.

You Developed a Business-Sense as a Coach

Speaking of, being a boxing coach doesn’t just require an intimate understanding of the sport and its demands. Instead, it involves interpersonal skills, time management skills, people skills, and marketing skills in order to successfully grow your clientele and reputation, thus your business.

These learned skills as a business coach will have an incredible carryover effect as a boxing gym franchise owner , making it an all but inevitable and natural next step.

You Understand Sales and Promotion

One of the most important skills that you’ve learned as a boxing coach is a necessity for promotion; i.e. how you’ve built your portfolio of clientele. While some may perceive the ability to attract clientele as a coach to be related to your depth of knowledge of the sport, what it truly comes down to is your ability to promote and sell yourself.

As suggested in the prior point, the ability to sell, market, and promote will have a tremendous carryover effect as a boxing gym franchise owner.

You Have an Existing and Growing Customer Base

Last but certainly not least, you wouldn’t have been able to sustain a career as a boxing coach without having an existing sizeable customer base. When being vetted as a potential franchisee by the franchisor, having an existing and potentially growing customer base will be music to their ears.

At the end of the day, running a franchise is a business. The more clientele that you have the ability to attract, the more marginal profits that you and the franchise will take home; it’s a win-win situation for all parties.

Become a Boxing Gym Franchise Owner Today!

If you’ve been convinced and you’re eager to take your career to the next level, we here at Spartans Boxing Club can’t wait to hear from you! We’re actively seeking the best and brightest in the industry, eager to find the most suitable franchisees for the job.

Just like yourself as a boxing coach, we here at Spartans Boxing Club are passionate about spreading the joys of boxing and all that it has to offer to as many people as possible. That’s where franchises come into play…

As a Spartans Boxing Franchise Owner, you’ll be able to continue pursuing your passion for boxing whilst helping more people than you ever thought possible in your coaching career…

With a proven business model and offering guidance every step of the way to ensure success, there’s no better opportunity than here with us at Spartans Boxing Club. To learn more about how you can get involved, don’t hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Boxing Franchises: Are They Profitable?

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Are you interested in investing in boxing franchises or eager to invest as a franchisee? However,  you’re unsure of the business model’s profitability? Maybe you have a passion for the sport and you’re curious as to how to turn that passion into a career.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right spot!

Boxing gyms across the globe have shown tremendous amounts of promise, especially in recent years; it’s why there seems to always be a new franchise opening up on every street corner! 

From the outside looking in, it’s safe to presume that it’s a profitable endeavour. Upon taking a closer look, however, a boxing franchise’s profitability, much like any other fitness facility’s profitability, is highly dependent on a myriad of factors. 

These factors include perceived value, actual value, location, ownership, associated costs, franchising model, and more… With that being said, assuming that the boxing franchise in question operates like a well-oiled machine, boxing franchises, in general, can be quite profitable.

In what follows, we’ll be discussing the five main types of franchises and what type boxing franchises fall under, as well as popular boxing franchise brands. Finally, we’ll share some broad insight into what you can expect financially as a boxing franchisee. 

Types of Franchises

As mentioned above, there are five primary types of franchising models that encompass an entire host of industries and investment strategies. Before getting involved in a boxing franchise, it’s important to understand what type of franchising model it falls under and what that model entails. 

The five (5) types of franchises are as follows: 

  • Job Franchise
  • Distribution Franchise
  • Business Format Franchise
  • Investment Franchise
  • Conversion Franchise

Boxing franchises, much like other fitness-based franchises, restaurants, and retail businesses, fall under the Business Format Franchise. This, as suggested, is the most common type of business franchising model, arguably because it’s also the most profitable. 

This type of franchise operates in such a way whereby the franchisee runs the business under the parent company’s brand, being provided with a roadmap on how to market and manage the business from start to finish. 

Because of the involvement of the franchisor and the proven recipes for success being passed on to the franchisees, boxing franchises that operate under the business format tend to be very successful and profitable.

Some of the most popular boxing franchise brands that operate under the business format model include LA Boxing, TITLE Boxing Club, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, Legends Boxing, and of course, Spartans Boxing Club! 

What to Expect as a Franchisee 

When deciding whether or not to embark on your boxing franchisee journey, there are several things to consider prior to making the commitment. While the ongoing assistance on behalf of the franchisor is likely to lead to profits, none of it matters if you can’t afford the upfront fees. 

These franchise fees include but are certainly not limited to the initial franchise fee, training fee, lease and building fees, security deposits, and of course, the available liquid capital and net worth of the potential franchisee.

In other words, if you don’t have the required capital available upfront, the franchisor will not move forth with your application (most franchisors require a minimum net worth and capital investment)…

Assuming that you do meet the minimum financial requirements of a franchisee, below are some averaged-out fees for each of the above that you can expect to pay before making a dollar running the business.

  • Available Upfront Capital: $100,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Training Fee: $5,000

Again, while this differs depending on the boxing franchise in question, you can expect a $150,000 investment on the low end to $500,000 on the high end.

Once you’ve cleared the onboarding stages of becoming a franchisee and you’re now in the swing (no pun intended) of running the business, you might be wondering what you can expect to clear in revenues and profits an on annual basis. 

At the risk of sounding redundant, this can be hard to predict, as it varies from brand to brand. With that said, a franchise owner of a large boxing franchise can gross upwards of $250,000 annually, while a franchise owner of a smaller boutique boxing franchise may only take home a salary of $50,000 per year. In comparison to standard big box gym franchises, these numbers are relatively comparable, though boxing gyms tend to have much lower overhead.

In any case, boxing franchises are a lucrative business if the business itself is run properly…

Own Your Own Spartans Boxing Franchise!

If boxing is your passion and you’re looking for ways to make it into a lasting career, owning a boxing franchise might be the career path for you… Here at Spartans Boxing Club, we can help! 

With a proven business model that has returned incredible profits year-over-year for our franchisees, and offering all that you need to succeed in the operation of your franchise, there’s no better opportunity than the one here at Spartans Boxing Clubs.

If you’re interested in becoming a Spartans franchise owner or you simply want to learn more about the business and its offerings, be sure to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!