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Introducing Impact Wrap

By October 6, 2022October 9th, 2022Boxing Classes

Spartans Boxing Club is delighted to announce our partnership with Impact Wrap.

Impact wrap is an innovative activity tracking solution designed for combat sports. A strap and velcro placard are used to fasten a sensor to a boxing bag.

The sensor then counts a range of metrics including the number of strikes and the intensity or force of each strike. Each member is then given an Impact Score. The Impact Score is a combination of those numbers. 

How does the Impact Wrap work?

The Impact Wrap Tracker doesn’t measure force directly, like hitting a pressure plate, it measures intensity indirectly. When you hit a target, you don’t hit at the surface; rather, you hit through it. When you hit a bag hard, it accelerates faster because you hit through it. We measure each strike and determine its impact. Points accumulate as members hit harder. Each strike increases your score by 100 points, and the points keep accumulating. The Impact Force for a given workout is the magnitude of a member’s strikes averaged over its duration. 

Impact Wrap Measure the following:

  • Average Impact Force (all about technique- the better the technique, the more force the member exudes)
  • Pacing information (is the member using the heavy bag saving enough in the tank to finish the round strong?)
  • Impacts (strike count) (this is about endurance- the better shape the member is in, the more strikes they will be able to accumulate in a round/workout).
  • Calories burned and round-by-round heart rate zones to reach fitness goals.

Spartans Boxing Club and Impact Wraps:

Working with Impact Wrap, Spartans are able to offer virtual classes, run competitions across gyms, or even internationally, and have a leaderboard of members at each gym. A member’s leaderboard is particularly valuable, as it adds further motivation to members and creates a sense of friendly competition. 

Impact wrap classes are currently available in Arjan, Dubai, and will soon be rolled out to all Spartans Boxing Club gyms globally. 

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