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The History of Boxing: From Ancient Civilizations to the Modern Era

By January 12, 2023January 22nd, 2023Boxing
History of Boxing

The sport of boxing has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to ancient civilizations. From the earliest records of human civilization, boxing has been a popular form of combat and entertainment.

The History of Boxing in Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, the history of boxing was a popular event in the Olympic Games. The rules of boxing were simple: two men would fight with padded gloves, and the match would continue until one of the fighters was knocked out or couldn’t continue. The fight would be stopped if a fighter was deemed to be giving up, and the winner was determined by the judges.

The History of Boxing in Ancient Rome

The Romans also had a version of boxing, known as “pugilism” or “pugilatus,” which was a popular spectator sport. The fighters would use leather straps wrapped around their hands, and the matches could be brutal, often resulting in serious injury or death.

The Modern History of Boxing

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the history of boxing experienced a resurgence in popularity. The modern version of the sport began to take shape, with the introduction of weight classes, round timers, and other rules and regulations. In 1867, the first modern boxing match was held in London, and the sport has continued to evolve and grow in popularity ever since.


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