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The Top 5 Gym Franchise Options

By May 30, 2022Franchise

Gym Franchise in small towns has their perks. Small towns have their own set of challenges when it comes to starting a business. In smaller communities, there are fewer potential customers, so it can be harder to build a customer base. On top of that, operating costs tend to be higher in small towns as well since services like transportation and utilities are also smaller. In spite of these difficulties, Opening a gym franchise in a small town can be an excellent opportunity for the right entrepreneur. Small towns tend to have lower operational costs compared to bigger cities. At the same time, people from small towns are more likely to become members of your gym than city dwellers because they have fewer fitness options available to them locally. Here is what you need to know about opening a gym franchise in a small town.

What is the Best Boxing Gym Franchise in Small Town?

If you decide to open a boxing franchise gym, you will be able to tap into a passionate community of people. Boxing is the perfect fitness activity for families and a great sport for adults.  It is often successful because it makes fitness a social experience. People who join these gyms want to be part of a tight-knit community. 

Another example is CrossFit – CrossFit is one of the most exciting fitness modalities out there. This high-intensity group fitness program combines weight lifting, gymnastics, and intense cardio for an overall challenging workout. CrossFit is popular because there is a sense of competitiveness and accomplishment from each workout. It is also a great way to get people to work out that might otherwise never go to a gym.

Why Choose a Franchise over Starting from Scratch?

If you have never run a business before, it can be very tempting to try to open a small-town gym from scratch. After all, you will have more control over every detail of your business if you do not franchise. However, starting a business from scratch means that you will need a large amount of capital. You will also have to hire experts to help you design your facility and train your employees. Closing a business can be a long and difficult process. You will have to find buyers for all of your equipment and then pay off any debts you have incurred as an entrepreneur. If you choose to go with a gym franchise, you will have a proven business model to follow that has been successful in many other communities. Franchise owners have already gone through the process of designing a gym and hiring employees, so you can learn from their mistakes.

Boxing Gym Franchise

If you choose to open a boxing gym, you will have the opportunity to profit from an extremely passionate community of people. Boxing gyms are often successful because they attract two distinct types of people. First, they attract beginners who want to start exercising but do not know where to begin. Boxing is a great way to start exercising because it is much less intimidating than a gym full of machines. Boxing gyms also attract experienced athletes who want to hone their skills. If you build a great facility, your boxing gym will be able to attract both beginner and expert boxers.

Zumba and Yoga gym franchise

If you choose to open a Zumba or yoga studio, you will be able to tap into a group of people that is often overlooked at traditional gyms. Many people who like yoga or Zumba are looking for a non-intimidating way to get healthy, but they are not interested in joining a gym. Zumba and yoga are also social activities, which makes them perfect for a group setting. Hot Combination Fitness Classes Many small-town gyms rely on hot combination fitness classes to bring in members.

Hit Program Classes: Treadmill, Elliptical, & More

Hit program classes are designed to give members a full-body workout in under an hour. These classes are often held in large group settings with high-energy instructors. You can expect your hit classes to draw a large crowd and encourage members to continue exercising after their class is over. Hit program fitness classes are very appealing for people who have busy schedules but still want to work out regularly. Hot combination fitness classes are also designed for a high-intensity workout. Adding a treadmill and elliptical machine to your gym gives your members the opportunity to do hot classes on a stationary exercise machine.

Strength Training Rooms

If you decide to open a gym, you will likely want to include a strength training room. Strength training is an excellent way to build muscle and stay fit, but it is often overlooked by gym members. Having a strength training room in your gym gives members a dedicated space to use free weights and build muscle. Strength training rooms are also very flexible in terms of how you can design your space. You can choose to have multiple stations or just a few machines. This flexibility means you can keep your room small and inexpensive but still offer an important service.

Cardio Rooms

If you want to offer a wide range of classes to your members, you will probably want to have a few cardio rooms. While you can put a treadmill and elliptical machine in a strength training room, the other cardio machines like the stationary bike, rowing machine, and stair climber need their own space. Cardio rooms can also be used for special events like spinning classes or guest lectures. They are a versatile addition to any gym and a good way to keep members coming back.


The best gym for small town entrepreneurs to open is one that will attract customers without requiring a large investment. Boxing gyms are often successful in small towns because they attract passionate people who are willing to come to the gym regularly. On top of that, boxing gyms are relatively inexpensive to start compared to other exercise franchises. If you want to open a gym in a small town, you should choose a franchise that is relatively inexpensive. You should also consider what types of people you want to attract to your gym. Once you have chosen the right gym franchise for your town, you will be able to start growing your business and engaging with the people in your community.

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